Reviews 2023: Is Keiaght Shop Legit or Scam? Reviews: Are you thinking about buying from Before making a purchase, it is important to conduct extensive research on their legitimacy. claims to sell a range of products at extremely low prices. However, there have been concerns raised regarding the trustworthiness of this retailer. In this article, we will explore further to determine whether or not Keiaght shop is legitimate.

What is is an online store that claims to provide customers with great deals on various items. However, our investigation reveals some red flags that raise doubts about the legitimacy of this online store. It’s essential to be cautious when considering a purchase from Keiaght shop to protect yourself from potential scams. Reviews Is Keiaght Shop Legit

Red Flags of Purchasing at

Before purchasing from Keiaght shop, it is vitally important to be mindful of various red flags which signal potential risks or an absence of trustworthiness. Such red flags should serve as warning signals and prompt caution before proceeding with any transaction. The following are a few notable red flags associated with purchasing at Keiaght:

Newly Registered Domain

One of the concerning factors about Reviews is its domain registration. The website is relatively new, which raises suspicion about its credibility. Scammers often create temporary websites to deceive unsuspecting customers. When an online store is newly registered, it becomes challenging to assess its trustworthiness and track record. Proceeding with caution is highly recommended when dealing with such platforms.

Unrealistic Discounts offers products at prices that appear too good to be true. These unrealistic discounts can be a tactic employed by scammers to lure customers into making impulsive purchases. It is crucial to remain vigilant and recognize that if a deal appears exceptionally enticing, there is a high likelihood that it is a scam. Exercise caution and skepticism when encountering heavily discounted prices on

No Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of any legitimate online store. However, lacks proper customer support channels. Although the website provides an email address ([email protected]) for customers to reach out to, our research indicates that they do not respond to inquiries or concerns. This lack of communication raises doubts about the store’s commitment to customer satisfaction and indicates potential untrustworthiness.

Fake Business Address claims to be based in Boca Raton, Florida, United States, with an address provided as 11897 Preservation Ln, Boca Raton, FL 33498. However, upon further investigation, we discovered that this address is likely fake or not associated with Keiaght shop. Falsely representing a business address is a common tactic used by fraudulent online stores to appear legitimate. This inconsistency adds to the suspicion surrounding’s operations.

Lack of Security Measures

When shopping online, it is essential to prioritize your personal and financial information’s security. Unfortunately, Keiaght lacks adequate security measures, such as SSL encryption, to protect sensitive data. This absence of online security protocols poses a significant risk to customers who provide their payment details during the checkout process. Insufficient security measures leave your information vulnerable, allowing unauthorized individuals to exploit it for malicious purposes.

Absent Social Media Presence

Today’s digital landscape requires legitimate businesses to establish a strong presence across multiple social media channels. However, lacks any significant presence on popular social media channels. The absence of official social media accounts raises doubts about the store’s authenticity and engagement with its customers. Legitimate businesses typically utilize social media to build trust, share updates, and interact with their audience. The absence of Keiaght shop on social media is another red flag to consider.

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Customer Reviews of

Customer reviews play an invaluable role in establishing the credibility of an online store. In the case of, we found a significant number of negative reviews and complaints from customers. Many customers reported issues such as non-delivery of products, poor quality items, and difficulties in obtaining refunds or customer support. These negative reviews further support our concerns about the legitimacy of and should serve as a warning to potential customers.

Is Keiaght shop Scam Or Legit?

Based on the information gathered during our investigation, it is now confirmed that Keiaght shop is not a Legit Sotre. The combination of red flags, including a newly registered domain, unrealistic discounts, lack of customer support, a fake business address, absence of security measures, and negative customer reviews, paints a concerning picture. We strongly advise against making any purchases from to protect yourself from potential fraud or disappointment.

Can PayPal Ensure Secure Online Shopping on

When engaging in online transactions, numerous customers place their trust in payment platforms like PayPal to add an extra level of security. Nevertheless, it is important to note that when it comes to, utilizing PayPal does not ensure a protected shopping experience. Below are five compelling reasons that support this claim:

Scammers Exploiting PayPal:

Scammers can use PayPal, despite its reputation. They may create fake websites like and utilise PayPal to scam people. PayPal’s fraud detection and prevention measures are not perfect.

Inadequate Buyer Protection:

PayPal offers buyer protection, but some transactions and disputes may be excluded. These restrictions allow scammers to abuse the system. PayPal may help with suspicious or unauthorized transactions. Resolving disagreements might take time and may not benefit the buyer.

Refunds and Chargebacks:

PayPal allows users to request refunds or chargebacks for unauthorized or unsatisfactory purchases, however, success rates vary. Scammers may delay or complicate refunds, making it harder for buyers to get their money. If the fraudster closes their PayPal account or withdraws the funds immediately, it may be harder to recover the money.

Limited Control Over Transactions:

Buyers lose some control when using PayPal on or other online stores. Buyers must verify the store’s and products’ validity. PayPal facilitates payments, but it cannot address quality, delivery, or authenticity issues.

Phishing and Account Vulnerability:

Phishers may attempt to steal PayPal login credentials or personal information. While using, be wary of PayPal-related communications and links. To prevent unauthorized access to your PayPal account, use complicated passwords and two-factor authentication.

PayPal’s buyer protection and security features cannot guarantee’s online buying security. Before making any transactions, even using PayPal, be cautious, do your homework, and consider all the red flags and concerns.

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Conclusion: Reviews

In conclusion, raises numerous concerns and exhibits several red flags that indicate potential illegitimacy and scam-like behavior. The combination of a newly registered domain, unrealistic discounts, lack of customer support, a fake business address, absence of security measures, and negative customer reviews should give any potential customer pause.

It is always crucial to prioritize your safety and exercise caution when considering making a purchase from We strongly recommend exploring alternative, more reputable online retailers to ensure a secure and satisfactory shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a reliable online store?

No, based on our research, exhibits several red flags that raise doubts about its reliability and authenticity. We do not recommend making purchases from this website.

Are the discounts offered by genuine?

The discounts offered by appear to be unrealistic and too good to be true. Scammers often use such tactics to attract unsuspecting customers.

Does provide adequate customer support?

No, lacks proper customer support. Customers have reported difficulties in reaching the store’s support team, and inquiries and concerns often go unanswered.

Is it safe to provide personal and payment information on

It is not safe to provide personal and payment information on due to the lack of proper security measures. Your information may be at risk of unauthorized access and potential misuse.

What should I do if I have already made a purchase from

If you have already made a purchase from and suspect fraudulent activity, it is crucial to monitor your financial accounts closely. Contact your bank or credit card provider immediately to report the issue and seek their guidance on further steps to protect yourself.

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