Viviori Jewelry Reviews 2023: Is it a Scam Or Legit? Find Out!

If you’re considering purchasing jewelry from Viviori, please read this review first. Viviori Jewelry is an online store that claims to offer quality rings at reasonable prices but we do not endorse them and don’t advise their purchase. In this article, we take a closer look at Viviori and its products so that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase decision.

What is Viviori Jewelry?

Viviori Jewelry is an online jewelry store selling rings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces at reasonable prices. Their claim of quality products at affordable prices was further tested when they offered free shipping and discount codes to first-time customers – only later to discover they have a low trust score and many negative customer reviews.

Viviori Jewelry Reviews

Why You Should Avoid Shopping at

Poor Trust Score

Before purchasing from any online store, it’s essential to first determine their trust score. A trust score measures how trustworthy a website is based on various metrics such as domain age, customer reviews and security; in Viviori Jewelry’s case, this means it is not considered trustworthy by many of its online users.

Low-Quality Products

Many customers have reported being disappointed in the quality of rings sold by despite its claims of selling quality products; many customers have reported receiving rings valued under $20 and even cheap imitations of what they requested.

False Advertising

A common issue on this website is false advertising. Although the store claims that new customers are eligible for free shipping and discount codes, customers have reported being charged shipping fees as advertised, with discounts not working and feeling duped by the products sold here. This has left customers feeling misled and disappointed with what the store and its products are offering them.

Lack of Customer Support

Customers experiencing difficulties with their orders have complained of inadequate support from, often failing to receive responses to their emails or phone calls and even reporting that their packages never actually arrived.

Is Viviori Jewelry Scam Or Legit?

When it comes to Viviori Jewelry, there is a lot of debate about whether it is a scam or a legitimate online store. Based on our research, we believe that is not a legitimate online store.

The website has a poor trust score, and many customers have reported negative experiences with the store. The quality of the rings is very poor, and many customers report receiving cheap imitations of the rings they ordered. Additionally, the shipping and return policy is very concerning, and the website does not provide much information on how to return a product.

Many other online websites such as Veuem, Hhoutlet, and Pikent have also been reported to engage in similar practices. That’s why it’s better to check the customer reviews and other details of a store before making a purchase.

How to Spot a Scam Website?

It’s important to know how to spot a scam website before making a purchase. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the trust score of the website
  • Read customer reviews
  • Look for contact information and a physical address
  • Check the website’s security features
  • Be wary of websites that offer products at a very low price

Conclusion: Viviori Jewelry Reviews

In conclusion, Viviori Jewelry is not a reputable online store and should be approached with caution. With an unfavorable trust score and numerous customer complaints regarding low-quality products or false advertising/poor support service. If you want high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices we suggest shopping from more trustworthy websites instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Viviori Jewelry a reputable online store?

No, it has a poor trust score and many negative reviews from customers.

Does sell high-quality products?

Many customers have reported receiving low-quality products from viviorijewelry.

Does offer free shipping?

Viviori claims to offer free shipping, but many customers have reported being charged for shipping.

Does Viviori have good customer support?

Many customers have reported a lack of customer support from their official website.

Where can I find a more reputable online store to buy jewelry from?

There are many reputable online stores that sell high-quality jewelry at affordable prices. We recommend doing research and reading customer reviews before making a purchase from any online store.

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